Designed by Josemaria de Churtichaga | CHURTICHAGA + QUADR SALCEDO Architects 

Spanish architect Josemaria de Churtichaga created an installation of 36 shipping containers suspended from the ceiling in the South Head House of the Pier, with each container hung 10 feet from the ground. He has worked on acclaimed project such projects such as the Cinema Center Matadero and the Library at Villanueva de la Canada in Madrid. In his projects, Josemaria focuses on the intimate relationship between physical and unphysical aspects, making architecture a sensorial atmosphere.

Josemaria often creates transformative spaces by re-purposing non-traditional materials, such as tire tubes, or in this case, shipping containers. The installation will have the ability to be configured in many different ways, with each shipping container having the ability to be lowered. The reconfiguration will allow for a unique space to host exhibtions, events, and unique art installations throughout the 18-month tenure that it is up.